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Between Your Ears Media

Between Your Ears Media is a division of Between Your Ears Entertainment. We are a digital media company that delivers bilingual on-demand character & life-skills curriculum to schools & students via live production, animation, apps, games and online content. New live action & animated content is produced, created and added free of charge each month, resulting in immediate classroom or mobile use. All content will be available in both English and Spanish. It's E-Learning that's fueling our future...............
It's learning media for learning minds..

E-Learning Highlights

  • Interpersonal & life development skills encouraged with creative, entertaining characters
  • All curriculum designed by Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Lesson plans & themed study guides provided
  • Real time interactive pop quizzes viewed in each video
  • Assessment test questions provided
  • Reference materials provided
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • U-Choose Programming - A video series that will incorporate multiple-ending consequences encouraging class discussion.