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Video streaming is the delivery of video, on-demand, over the internet to your computer, tablet or phone.
The Morris Brothers are two very handsome, well dressed Nerds or Never Ending Radical Dudes. Their stylish dress code consisting of plaid pants, vests, glasses & guitars mesmerizes rocks audiences of all ages everywhere. As a result of an explosion in their underground tree house laboratory, they were transformed into social superheroes. They are now on a mission to save and rock the entire world, one school & one rock concert at a time. It’s cool to be a N.E.R.D, a Never Ending Radical Dude for boys, or Dudette for girls. The Morris Brothers share with their fans that being your best can be accomplished by having good self esteem & character, avoiding peer pressure, bullying & illegal drugs. The superhero is inside all of us to be our best. Click here to learn more.
Welcome to our a pre-school & early childhood animated curriculum on life-skills. Best friends, Peter, Patty, Pedro & Pasha encourage the importance of friendship, having great character and making good choices in life every day. They live in the picturesque town of Pencilvania, enrolled at sharp elementary. They teach young minds how to solve social issues daily in their neighborhood, home and at a school. So as pencils, that have magically come to life, teaching the importance of friendship, they are the Friencils. Click here to learn more
Our training department can schedule and conduct training via web demonstration and one on one phone support for accessing the library. However we feel very confident that our user friendly library, and layout, will be very easy for your staff and students to navigate. Maybe even with their eyes closes. Really, it’s that simple.
All life-skills topics and social emotional learning curriculum are derived from researched based material available to our staff of resource teachers and Licensed Professional Counselors.
The current digital on-demand counseling video topics are:

  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Drug Prevention
  • State Test Taking Skills
  • Stranger Danger
  • Classroom Behavior
  • Wellness & more
Media channels introduce our different video series, topics & programming, using our library of animated characters, The Morris Brothers & The Friencils.
Premium Annual Subscription – $249 per school.
VIP Fan Club Membership – $2.99 per month.
*The Adventures of the Morris Brothers – (Our ad free cartoon series for the home consumer only)
* No teaching curriculum available
Your school can purchase any subscription package online. If you have more questions, please contact us. Forms of payment are (1) school check, (2) purchase order or (3) credit card. When paying by credit card, you will be activated the same day you subscribe…Purchase Now.
Yes, please contact the main number at (800) 326-5917, or contact us. Pricing is based on your school location in the U.S., Canada or Europe. Also based on the number of concerts your school or district will need.
Yes, new virtual learning content will be produced and added to the online libraries monthly.
Yes, a district wide discount is based on all elementary schools participating in the district.