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The Morris Brothers

The Morris Brothers used to be two common introverted nerds who, one day not long ago, made a serious miscalculation that caused their underground laboratory to blow to smithereens. Their laser scattering-particle-size analyzer exploded, and what followed was a transformation difficult to comprehend by mortal man.

To the brothers, N.E.R.D. now stands for
Never Ending Radical Dudes.

Somehow, the shock waves from the explosion caused all the information from their laboratory books to be impermiated into their hearts, minds and souls. The brothers are “Social Superheroes” out to save the world from boredom, crime, pollution, and any other injustice placed on the human race. Hosting from their underground tree house laboratory, they beam to students in schools everywhere 1-minute educational clips on the why’s, how’s, what’s and where’s of the world. Classrooms can view various “did you knows”, fun facts, and trivia questions all presented in the hilarious style of The Morris Brothers.

Currently in production The Morris Brothers have full length 11 minute videos being hosted in their secret think tank and creative nerve center, the underground tree house laboratory. Topics will range from interpersonal skills, such as self esteem, positive thinking, developing friendships, responsibilities, self discipline, learning to work with others, goal setting, decision making and conflict resolution; to life skills like career development with topics that would offer students a chance to learn more about themselves and the world of work.