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Between Your Ears Media


1 month unlimited access to online library.* $69 will apply to yearly package if school upgrades later. District wide pricing promotions are available upon request based on entire participation from each school in the district.
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Receive 30% off yearly subscription by bundling purchase with a live school assembly by The Morris Brothers anytime during the year. Curriculum can be used in advance of the assembly or as a follow up to the assembly.
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School receives unlimited yearly access to the complete online library of counseling videos in English and Spanish.
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Available to teachers around the world is exciting, visual teaching curriculum for use in the classroom for all ages

  • Classroom Wall Posters
  • Podcasts with tips
  • Wall Calendars
  • And More!

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All annual 1 year subscriptions, grades (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) receive:

  • Unlimited access to all on-demand titles in English and Spanish
  • Unique school Username and Password for schools students, teachers and administrators
  • Stream any video to school desktop or computer lab terminals
  • Download & print teacher’s study guides, lesson plans and classroom follow up activities
  • Interactive pop quizzes and assessment test displayed during each video
  • All new digital titles added during the subscription period will be available at no additional cost
  • 1 year annual subscription begins the date you sign up and concludes 1 year later
  • All curriculums designed by Licensed Professional Counselors & on staff teachers


Current topics are:

  • Bullying
  • Character Education
  • Drug Awareness
  • State Test Taking Skills
  • Wellness
  • Classroom Behavior
  • More topics in development
  • Fun Facts

Each bilingual video title is 2 – 11 minutes in length covering interpersonal and life development skills that will help students achieve their greatest potential. All videos feature The Morris Brothers, The Friencils and other entertaining characters that are both live action and animated and will capture, hold and explore children’s imaginations. Each digital video title incorporates U-Choose Programming (UCP), meaning that applicable videos will have multiple endings to allow your students to not only choose the ending and associated consequence, but also view how decisions have outcomes that affect themselves and others. This dynamic curriculum study encourages follow-up classroom thoughts and discussion about choosing between right and wrong.